Almost a year after I first wrote about my idea for DeepMac, I can finally show something actually functional for the world to point and stare at!

DeepMac ALPHA is available at and includes the full MySQL dump of the database contents.I’m licensing the database under the Open Database License.

At this point, there’s only a few hundred OUI’s tied to a device of some sort. This is because I’ve had to focus on developing the skeletal framework to actually store the information, and have not yet put together tools for automating any part of the process of submitting data. Still, there’s a good breakdown of virtual computers, network-attached cameras, the major Smartphone models and a few videogame systems.

For DeepMac to become truely useful though, it needs a lot more raw data, and not just the easy pickings. That means there needs to be better ways to get data into DeepMac. A primitive search interface is just a baby-step. Ideally, we need to have a standard format for submitting new DeepMac data for analysis and inclusion. Mostly this is about sitting down and figuring out what would work best.

The other thing DeepMac needs to be useful is of course a real-world application that everyone can benefit from. I’d love to see DeepMac data integrated with great security tools like Wireshark, nMap, Kismet and others. There’s also a ton of commercial security software that could benefit from DeepMac such as SIMs, asset management tools and anything else that does network discovery. Alas, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. A side-project of mine is developing a tool for tracking IP<->MAC pairings for network surveillance. I’ll be integrating DeepMac data into that tool, and hopefully releasing it as an Open Source project sometime next year.

In the meantime, I’m still very much interested in feedback about the DeepMac project! What I’ve gotten so far has been small but very useful and greatly appreciated. And if you have any intelligence to offer the DeepMac project (as in OUI Device mapping), please e-mail me!

  • September 11, 2009
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Deepmac Presentation at Evil Robot Con

I probably should have posted this sooner but I was too busy trying to get something (mostly) functional to talk about.

I will be doing an informal, ad-hoc presentation on DeepMac at Evil Robot Con on Saturday, September 12th. See the Evil Robot Con website for details on the conference, schedule, location, etc.

And the good news is I have a pretty functional DB up and running that people can actually query. I’ll be making it public after the conference, during which I hope I’ll discover any horrific problems or gotchas and be able to fix them, :)