The biggest failure in information security is actually a failure in information technology implementation.

For many, many decades the operating systems and applications that have been made for computers have come with built-in security features. The very idea of a username and password to log into a computer pre-dates home computers by at least a decade, with Multics back in 1964. And it wasn’t the first.

But what has happened over this time is the old “arms race” where the so-called bad guy finds a way around the restrictions put in place, so newer and more elaborate restrictions are put-up. More elaborate and complex security systems require more time to set-up, more knowledge to implement and a generally higher degree of intelligence.

In the business world, there is little tolerance or interest in the needs of Information Technology, but an excruitiatingly large demand. Most IT departments run on very tight budgets with minimal personel, the majority of funding going to hardware and obscenely expensive software licensing. If you don’t offer very high pay and very good benefits, you can’t really attract the very best IT employees.