Passwords Suck Long ago I gave-up trying to remember all the passwords I use for websites. I used to be able to use the same few passwords everywhere (and they didn’t even have to be eight characters long). I didn’t use terrible passwords. Something like “v#kt0r!” was pretty good by standards in 2005. But cracking passwords, hash look-ups and brain-dead practices mean you can’t do that anymore. Did you have a super-secure long password on Sony’s Playstation Network back around 2011? Not anymore I bet. Many people in the industry started suggesting using password templates or patterns, where you’d have the same basic password but tailor it per site. Or use the same password across financial sites, a different one for social sites, etc. Yet the issue was[…]

The other day while trying to view the latest trailers on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), I encountered the following error: I’d played videos on IMDB in just the recent past, and I was using the same system and browser. It’s always frustrating to not get what you want when you have a few minutes of spare time to goof-off, so at first I just tried again. Same error. I tried a different video. Same error. Videos on other websites such as YouTube or Vimeo hadn’t show any such errors before, and I use them regularly. I know that Firefox 52 ESR is capable of playing videos via HTML5. I even have Adobe Flash installed. But IMDB wasn’t trying to use it. Firefox lets you install a mind-bogging[…]